The Politician

Group shot standing  

Your Town of Ajax Ward 2 Councillor
Your Town of Ajax Ward 2 Councillor

Renrick Ashby has lived in Ward 2 with his family for over 13 years.  Renrick has dedicated himself to serving his community.  He has a proven track record of thinking analytically and being able to identify problems and implement practical solutions. One of his strengths is the ability to bring people together, from different backgrounds, whom have varying interests.  Another key strength is his ability to turn plans into actions. 

He was first elected as town of Ajax, Ward 2 Councillor during the Municipal by election in March 2008, and re-elected in October 2010 and November 2014.  Ward 2 is the most culturally diverse ward in Ajax and is bordered by Kingston Road to the south, Westney Road to the West, Lakeridge Road to the east and the 5th Concession to the north.   It is his vision to see a council that reflects the changing face of the community, and he hopes to inspire young people to take a more active role in their future.


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