The Professional Planner

Renrick Ashby enjoyed his role with the Town of Ajax as a Development Planner.  In that capacity, he demonstrated the ability to work with council, residents, the business community and developers to get things done.  As a Development Planner with the Town of Ajax from 1999 to 2003, Renrick took a lead role on a number of important projects, including: Town of Ajax, “Notion Road Land Use and Urban Design Study,” Smart Growth Initiatives in Ajax “Herizon House” Development, “Group Homes” Development, Instructed and participated in Diversity Training for the Town of Ajax staff, taking part in the Town of Ajax Official Plan Review Team of Numerous Residential Subdivisions.

Renrick Ashby is currently employed in the Greater Toronto Area by the City of Toronto as a Senior Planner.  In this capacity, he specializes in land development and building communities.  City planners analyze data to determine the optimal use of land and resources for geographical areas. Their role often includes drafting legislation or planning new public housing or building construction, as well as considering measures to protect the environment, plus suggesting private property zoning regulations.


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