Economic Development

Where We Are

The OLG Slots Casino at Ajax Downs has been a significant partner with the town of Ajax, generating some $49 million in local revenue since it’s inception in 2006.  This revenue has contributed to a stable and responsible tax policy through our Tax Stabilization Reserve.  It has also contributed to such capital projects:

New Fire Hall

Town of Ajax Operation Centre

Audley Recreation Centre

St. Francis Centre Retrofit

Greenwood Conservation Improvement Plans

Waterfront Pavilion

During the Pan Am Games, we hosted 450 Athletes, generating spectacular traffic of over 170,000, with the 16 day period bringing the World’s focus upon the Town of Ajax with Canada’s double gold victory in baseball and softball.

The ONTRACK Job Development initiative is part of our 10 year Economic Development & Tourism Strategy, that commits to the creation of 2,015 new jobs in Ajax by the year 2015.  As of the last ONTRACK audit in 2013, we had created and retained 2,440 new jobs in the four key areas of Manufacturing, Business Services, Health & Human Services, and Tourism.  With current planned business development as well as having hosted the Pan Am games, this number can only grow from here.

We continue to preserve employment lands in Ajax to allow for business sector expansion currently in negotiation as well as future development.  We are committed to further market Ajax’s enhanced and exceptional business environment.



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