Ashby Ward 2 Councillor

There are three key strategic areas that I am focused on as your Ward 2 Councillor:  Community Safety, Community Engagement and Employment.  In terms of Community Safety, I am proud of my role in establishing Neighborhood Watches in Ward 2.  Rest assured that I will continue to support them.  I am also looking forward to building our community, in part by addressing crime, in partnership with Town Staff, the school boards, Durham Regional Police Service, community groups, religious institutions, youth, and essentially any groups that we can engage in a meaningful way.

 A collaborative approach through increased Community Engagement makes greater public safety possible.  I have made improved consultation with Ward 2 residents, a critical part of how I serve the community.  In addition to improving my electronic and web-based outreach, I’ll continue hosting community open houses to allow for direct dialogue.  I serve with Ajax residents on the Diversity and Community Engagement Committee and the Board of Ajax Municipal Housing.
The third area I am focused on is local Employment and Job Creation.  In a planning context, I believe we need to protect our employment lands and create the infrastructure whereby businesses would want to invest in Ajax through our Economic Development Strategy.  I am pleased to support our residents, in finding meaningful career opportunities by partnering with other levels of government to host local job fairs.  Through our Strategic Plan, we will continue to work in these areas and others to make Ajax an even better Town.  Together, our future is bright.

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